Partner Associations

Complementary Wellness Association International

Founded in 2004, the Complementary Wellness Association International (CWAI) brings together organisations and individual professionals from the spa and wellness sector that focuses on massages and complementary therapies. The association’s mission is to bring Complementary Wellness to new heights and recognition in Singapore and its region by driving initiatives that anchor professional excellence.

Hair & Cosmetology Association Singapore

Established in November 2013, Hair & Cosmetology Association Singapore (HACOS) aims to raise the standards of the Hair, Makeup, Beauty and Nails industries by creating a platform for stakeholders to overcome industry-level challenges and improve the industry’s professional image. By focusing on partnership, education and technology, HACOS supports its members through collaboration, networking and uplift of digital knowledge for the future.

Nailist Association For International Licenses Singapore

Since its establishment in 2009, Nailist Association for International Licenses Singapore (NAILS) has raised the professionalism, hygiene practices and skill level for nails & grooming professionals in Singapore, constantly improving industrial standards and promoting industrial cultural exchange with foreign schools and associations. Through a common international licensing system, professionals and salons share an understanding of recognised standards for career development, which propels the local nail and grooming industry towards the international platform.

Spa Professionals Association of Singapore

Spa Professionals Association of Singapore (SPAS) is a Spa and Wellness network that gathers professionals to uphold industry standards by providing a platform to exchange resources, information, advice and support. SPAS has the objective to represent their members in handling industry-level concerns and promote professional, reliable and socially responsible practice.

Spa & Wellness Association of Singapore

The Spa & Wellness Association Singapore (SWAS) was founded in 2004 in response to the need for an association to reach out to all sectors of the beauty and wellness industry. Over the last decade, SWAS has grown from an interest group representing spas and wellness establishments to a confederation of trade groups representing stakeholders within the framework of Spa, Wellness, Beauty, Hair, Nail and associated Holistic Care.

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